Tuesday, 25 December 2012

The Butler, the Maid, and the Ninja Lizard

Having read several various Who-related, Moffat-penned propaganda interviews over the last couple of days I've come to the conclusion that Doctor Who’s current showrunner is far too keen on the "comedy" trio we'll see in tonight's episode. Not only will they be in tonight's show they'll also be in episode six of the next run, as well as the final episode.

This is not just annoying because they're being overused, or because they're not actually entertaining, but because Moffles has stated in at least two interviews that he barely mentions in the script how the Sontaran is revived from death. He's said for those being pedantic he'll include a DVD extra explaining how Strax (is that his name?) is brought back. Is it pedantic to want to know how a character that was killed off is actually alive? No.

It feels like Moffat is desperate for his creations to be accepted as a new Robert Holmes-esque comedy unit. They won’t be. They’re just not interesting enough. Moffat has confused quirky ideas (a lesbian maid with a penchant for bestiality, a crime-fighting Silurian, and a Sontaran medic) with decent characterisation. That’s nothing new though.

Sadly I think it’s highly likely that in twenty years’ time Big Finish will be churning out audio plays featuring the aging actors reprising their roles.

Also, has he forgotten the Sontarans are a race of clones?! Why couldn't he just get the same actor in the same outfit with a different name (even the same name!) and say it’s a clone of the one that died? That’s the sort of question there’s no point in asking when Moffat is involved.